DP Ivan Gekoff csc


Ivan Gekoff has worked extensively in the film industry since 1971. He completed a Masters degree in Arts and a BA in Cinematography in 1979. Currently he is a member of CSC and STCVQ.

His experience comprises of features, movies–of–the–week, short films, commercials, and music videos. In total, Ivan Gekoff has worked on over 50 fiction and documentary films. He shoots in 35mm and 16mm, as well as hi-def video, and has at his disposal a BL3 camera complete with lenses and accessories.

As director of photography he has worked on such acclaimed films as Hathi (Grand Prize in Troia, Portugal, Giffoni, Italy, and Seoul, Korea, selected for the Sky Award Competition at the San Francisco Film Festival, and numerous nominations), Unknown Icons (Documentary Film Festival, Leipzig, Germany), The Salvation (Red Cross Film Festival, Varna, Bulgaria) and Transports of Death (Mostra di Valencia, Spain).

Ivan Gekoff has collaborated with La Fête Productions on several projects. He directed the cinematography of four docu-dramas of the series Land of Hope (1995). In 1996 he began work on Hathi, a nature feature, and completed the project a year later after a strenuous on-location shoot in India. He has worked with major distributors such as Malofilm, the National Film Board, Alliance Atlantis, Amérique Film, Blackwatch, as well as numerous independent productions.

From 1992 through, 1994 Ivan Gekoff covered the Montreal Annual Festival Juste pour Rire for BBC Channel4, Zweite Deutsche Fehrnsehen, and Westdeutscher Rundfunk television stations. During this time he also worked on a series of documentaries in northern Quebec about the living conditions of the Inuit population.

Since 2002 Ivan teaches Cinematography at Concordia University.